SB_NYC8.jpg hosts the World’s Largest Weekly Hair Competition, “The Supremes” celebrating the best hair imagery uploaded by our Global Community for Hair. With thousands of photos entered, the six most inspiring hair images exhibiting technique, style, and trending hair fashion are chosen to be featured before our worldwide audience each week. Over 800,000 people view “The Supremes” in email and across our Social Media channels. 

We are honored to announce Elizabeth Barajas’ photo has been chosen for the week of  May 9, 2018. The hair art image selected exhibited the highest level of technique, style, and hair fashion at it’s best. Eyes all over the world were inspired by Elizabeth Barajas’ work. and are exciting, creative community based digital platforms for artists and enthusiasts alike to show off their work while engaging with the hair and nail obsessed. Find inspiration by “stalking” your favorite artists on the sites and building inspiration collections of their work.

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